Epik Relaunch

With a name like Epik Media we sometimes feel like we have to make things “Epic!” as the kids are saying these days. Sadly when it comes to our own website this is rarely the case, an entire rebranding and redesign of our website and company has taken well over a year to put into place and the launch squeaked onto the Interwebs with nary a Tweet or even a Facebook status update.

As a business, we put our clients first; even the smallest job is given priority over our own work. This might seem counter intuitive to some but it works for us because we do so much business through referrals and word of mouth. Some of our clients have never even seen our website, believe that or not.

Being our own “webmaster” has proved a challenge, updates slip by unnoticed, features and requests are put on the backburner and the crazy to-do list that has been building up over the past four years is hidden under a pile of client related notes. This is something we are hoping to change.

With our new online home and some exciting new projects Epik Media officially re-launches today, bring on the future.