It is tough to showcase our coding skills, does anyone really want to look at PHP functions and database extraction commands? So below is a showcase of sites we have worked on and a little bit about what we brought to the project. These works are just from the past few years because we feel that the Web 1.0 junk should be left in our memories and not on display.

PTI Group

PTI Group One of our favorite websites, PTI Group really tested our skills, we used early jQuery for a lot of the functions and created a custom CMS that still powers the site after four years, a century in internet years.

After the initial build we have had the pleasure of creating some new custom add-ons for the PTI website including a Google Maps integration for displaying their camps as well as an application system for potential employees.

Casino Answers

Casino Answers Arguably the biggest online resource for Casino related information, Casino Answers is home to 10s of thousands of informative articles and reviews. Managing all of this information is challenging to say the least. We built several custom plugins to assist with everything from data management to advertising.

Langley Community Services Society (LCSS)

Langley Community Services Society As one of our oldest clients, LCSS has evolved along with us. We originally built them a small CMS but recently they outgrew it, so we suggested WordPress. We were able to port the old website into the WordPress system and allow LCSS to utilize all of the great features it has to offer.

Hop On The Wineline

Hop On The Wineline Another long-time client, The Wineline has changed drastically over the last few years, starting out small the business exploded and we were tasked with keeping up. A custom online booking system and customer management interface allow The Wineline customers and staff to plan tours months in advance and ensure everything flows smoothly.

Buhler’s Moving

Buhler's Moving Buhler’s approached us recently to ask about getting into the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) game, they were unhappy with their current advertising and wanted to try something new. After a discussion to setup keywords and a budget we had an account up and running on Goolge Adwords. We are happy to report that we quickly doubled traffic and cut advertising costs drastically.

Odds Tracker

Odds Tracker With so many options for sports betting out there, the savvy better will often look for the best odds, enter Odds Tracker. We created a system that will gather the data from 20 different sportsbooks over 7 sports and present odds comparisons. A massive database and some jQuery magic keep everything running smoothly.

Intense Gambling

Intense Gambling This was one of our more challenging projects, basically 5 websites in 1 Intense Gambling is a different breed of gambling resource. The front end of the website features a custom menu and widgets while the back end has several tools to help the staff manage everything.